Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing. It involves the Affiliate (marketer) marketing products online and getting a commission for the sales made through the persons site.

For this to work the affiliate would normally have a website on which he would advertise a product that he has chosen the promote. In the affiliate programs control panel, he would be given a unique link to use on his website. This link tracks the clicks sent to the affiliate program.

An affiliate link is normally something along these lines.

(this is not a live link)

The parts of this link are the domain part –

and link page – link.php

and the affiliates unique tracking code – affid=dfg5ryt4tge4342

All clicks now sent via this link would be credited to the person this link belongs to.

The affiliate program  then tracks all sales from the site and credits the referrer (affiliate) the commission.


This is a very basic guide, which I’ve written. There are plenty more in-depth guides to affiliate marketing online.

A great affiliate program to get started with is Clickbank as it has thousand of different products you can market and build your revenue on.

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