Go-Systems, your Durban based web development , web design and web hosting company.


We have more than 15 years experience developing websites and web applications for clients. The range from Static html sites, through to large intranet applications for companies like Engen, KZN Wildlife, Imana Food Group.


Our preferred coding language for web development is the amazing CFML language. We have been using it since it was Allaire Coldfusion then Macromedia and now Adobe. We currently prefer using the opensource Open Bluedragon CFML Engine for our web development needs, as it costs our clients a lot less, and runs amazingly.


We do also develop web appliances for clients. These are Virtual Operating Systems with software installed. This is used for clients who don’t want to invest in a new server at the time.

For clients who want to be able to add pages or content to there site without our help, we do offer a website, where a desktop application like Microsoft Word can be used to add and edit pages.


We do also setup websites for clients on opensource content management systems (CMS) like Joomla, WordPress.


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