Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google’s website statistics program. . Below is a screenshot of statistics for a website.These stats are not of own of our clients websites. Google Analytics gives a massive selection of reports for you to view. You can view people that are viewing your website and get even more specific stats like city of […]

Android or Blackberry OS

I’ve got a decision to make soon for when my phone contract gets renewed. I’m not sure if I should go with Blackberry again or go for an Android based phone. I’ve been on a Blackberry for close to 5 years and have been happy with the phone and the BIS services. My reason for […]

dotDurban registry

dotDurban domains might become available. dotDurban domains might be available. The project would allow companies to register domains like or your This would probably be more suited towards local companies in Durban, than national companies. The expected launch will be around beginning of September 2013 (according to there website). Below is there logo. […]

Affiliate Marketing

Basics Affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing. It involves the Affiliate (marketer) marketing products online and getting a commission for the sales made through the persons site. For this to work the affiliate would normally have a website on which he would advertise a product that he has chosen the promote. In the […]

Our web services

We provides a full range of web design, development services for our clients. These range from Simple convert there design to web format Web Design services Web Application development Web hosting Intranet development domain management email hosting If you are looking for a service not mentioned, contact us and we will see if its something […]