When we do our web design for a client, our preferred method is to do a wireframe of the website, prior to adding any content.

With the website wireframe, we do the general layout of the website. We show what it would look like on mobile devices, tablet pc’s and desktop/laptop computers.

This ensure that the website design we do, is what you as the client is looking for.

Once we have the wireframe, we work with the suggested colours that you have provided us with, and we work it into the wireframe.

There will be many iterations of the wireframe, until you are happy with the design and the views on the various devices.

Once you are happy we work on adding your preferred colours into the design. We go through many iterations again, until you are happy. Once you are happy, we then work on converting the design into web format.

Once we have the website in a web format, we start converting it into a WordPress powered website. This ensures easy of use for you, the client, in future changes, and also allows us to make changes quicker that if it was static HTML.

Web Design - Web wireframing