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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google’s website statistics program. . Below is a screenshot of statistics for a website.Google Analytics 3These stats are not of own of our clients websites. Google Analytics gives a massive selection of reports for you to view.

You can view people that are viewing your website and get even more specific stats like

  • city of the visitor
  • country of the visitor
  • browser and operating system of the visitor
  • screen resolutions of your clients.
  • time they spend on your site

These results help you, the client, target customers that you wish, ie, if you see a lot of people exiting on a certain page, you can check the content to see what could cause the exit.

We have used various statistics programs in the past, and do also offer awstats which does not offer as much of a report, but still gives the basics like enter points, time online, most active pages etc.

If you wish us to send you a weekly / daily report on your site, contact us and we will set it up for you. We can set it up to send your stats to you daily, weekly, monthly. The stats can be in CSV , PDF  or excel format.

If you have a internal application to read these stats, you could do some reports of your own. We can develop a web application to view the Google Analytics reports, so let us know.

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