Welcome to the Email setup guide.

This guide is for the clients of Go-Systems.co.za.

When setting up your email client on your PC, you would need to use the following settings to ensure your mail setup is correct.

Mail Client Settings ::

Email:  you@your-domain.com
Incoming (POP) server:  mail.your-domain.com
Outgoing (SMTP) server:  smtp.your-domain.com
Account / User Name:  you@your-domain.com
SMTP Authentication:  On (same Username as POP)
SMTP Port:  587

In the above options please replace your-domain.com with your actual domain, ours is go-systems.co.za, so our settings would be:

Mail Servers::

SMTP : smtp.go-systems.co.za

POP : mail.go-systems.co.za

The SMTP port is required to be  : 587


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