Here you will find a range of free software (some OpenSource and some not), that we use and recommend.

These range from desktop software through to server software.

These include the following

  • OpenOffice – (Guide) – (Download)
  • GIMP – (Guide) – (Download)
  • MySQL – (Guide) – (Download)
  • Apache – (Guide) – (Download)
  • Eclipse – (Guide) – (Download)
  • Avast Antivirus – (Guide) – (Download)
  • OpenBD – (Guide) – (Download)
  • Windows Live Writer – (guide) – (Download)

As we test we will let you know, and guides you on the installations.

If you are looking for some free software, let us know. We will search online and do research. We will help you find the best free software for your situation.

We prefer using Opensource and free software, as it saves a lot of money nowdays. We only recommend using propriatry software if the product is worth the financial outlay.

A good example is the CFML Engines like Adobe Coldfusion and OpenBD. Adobe Coldfusion is the propriaty CFML engine. For a large enterprise company we developed a training system for them. It linked into there existing network. We chose Adobe Coldfusion for them. The reason was they needed the web application to be running continous, and with very little downtime. They chose it due to the fact that more people use it compared to OpenBD locally, plus they could get support directly from Adobe in South Africa.

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