Open Bluedragon (OpenBD) is an amazing  free, opensource / free CFML Engine.

OpenBD - our preferred CFML Engine of choice

It allows you to run Coldfusion scripting language on a free server software. We use OpenBD for our intranet to manage our client records, task management.

We are also currently building a more advanced task management system on OpenBD using MySQL database. It will link into our network infrastructure for authentication. We are considering include either Facebook or Google for the authentication process.

OpenBD can be downloaded at

OpenBluedragon has a few versions, they are..

  • OpenBlueDragon Desktop Edition
  • OpenBlueDragon Ready2Run
  • J2EE Standard War
  • OpenBlueDragon JAM

OpenBD Desktop Edition.

The desktop edition is a ready to run setup. This is what the site describes this version as.

“Develop, debug and deploy your CFML applications from one cross-platform desktop application. No installation, unzip and run, and you will be creating brand new web apps within seconds.”

OpenBD Read2Run

This is the office OpenBlueDragon +Jetty version. This is what the site describes this version as.

“Official OpenBlueDragon+Jetty distribution has been configured with OpenBD within the root context. In other words, you can utilise CFML across all contexts and virtual hosts, in much the same way you can with JSP.”

J2EE Standard War

This is th Standard web application runtime.

OpenBD Jam

The first full purpose Open Source CFML Linux stack, all pre-configured and ready for you to start using OpenBD CFML.

General Info on OpenBD

OpenBD has a nice feature that the high performance, open-source NoSQL database is built into it. It also has a ‘Web request Dashboard’.

With the dashboard you can quickly see the amount of time each request is taking and what it is doing, see in real time the precise tag that the request is running. If stuck in a query, inspect the SQL statement.

See uptime, bytes sent, total requests, memory usage, cache hits.

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